From the moment I decided to start my business, I intrinsically knew that everything I would create was meant to bring light and healing into this world. A bracelet to help cope with grief was something I had not thought about creating until the pandemic came and caused so much pain in the world. In January of 2021 while as a nation we were all collectively grieving from all the COVID-19 deaths and trauma, my family was no exception. We too experienced a loss during this time.

My children’s beloved nanny passed away during this time. She was battling cancer and once infected with COVID-19, her system was unable to fight the virus.  Having to explain to my children that she was gone was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do as a parent. Elena, our nanny had been with my children since my first born was 5 months. She was like their second grandmother. She loved and cared for my children just as much as their own grandparents.  On her days off and on the weekends, she would often stop by to see her girls surprising them with lunch.  It was something my girls loved and appreciated. She truly was irreplaceable and one of a kind so much that her loss was felt at home.

When she passed away, I could feel the emptiness she left behind. Elena's daughter and grandchildren were heartbroken. As an empath, I felt it all, and despite, the fact that I had already seen her in my dreams where she appeared to tell me she was fine, there were feeling that needed to be processed by all of us. Often times, I felt her presence in my home, and I acknowledged that she was there, but I would tell her to go home.  One day, I was working when I received a message from the other side that kept telling me “Make something to help deal with the grief."  I mediated and asked the universe for help to find the right healing crystals to make a bracelet. 

Soon, the messages started coming through clearly. I tuned to one of my favorite spiritual podcasts and they were talking about Botswana agate. I had never heard of this crystal, nor did I have any idea of what it even looked like until I picked up my crystal books. It came up as one of best crystals for grief as it helps to absorb any negative emotions you are feeling caused by grief or loss, and it facilitates the release of pain and suffering on is experiencing. In her book, The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall says that it helps to "gently release repression and aids in depression" so that you may gently heal.

 I contacted my supplier and ordered some Botswana agate crystals to work with. Their energy was incredibly soothing. When I started working on the grief bracelet, I received messages to add the pink opal for gentle comfort, black onyx for protection and lastly the hematite for grounding. I was intutititley making the bracelet based on the messages I was receiving. I made sure to infuse it with Reiki Energy before gifting this bracelet.

I sent the bracelet to Elena’s daughter and soon after got the message to share it with the world and to spread healing light. Elena was always so loving and caring. I believe this is something she wanted me to to share with the world. As a healer, my mission is always to spread light and healing. I hope that this bracelet may bring the healing, comfort, and light needed during moments where there is darkness. Always remember that light always shine thru, and your loved ones are in the light.

Love, Light, & Blessings